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Pokemon Adventure | John and Stephen »


John smiled a bit. “I’m a sucker for water types but like you got to catch them all” John chuckled as they went in the room and waited for the professor. “Can’t wait to see who we get”

Stephen chuckled lightly and winked at John. “Ah like playin’ with fire, it’s challenging ta tame it.” The ginger smiled widely as he glanced around the room in search for the professor, turning his gaze back to John as he playfully nudged him. “It’ll be excitin’…Hard to believe we’ll be official trainers soon!”

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Omfg….you play too much, Drew. Vas a ser, cabrón. Lol. Shit is funny though.

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Gardening time @gingermooseontheloose


Emma nodded, confirming his question,  “Yeah, I can um get that set up a little patch for you too. And they are um really pretty once they bloom-  it’s just um kinda weird watching all the little ants on the blossoms.” A light chuckle left her lips, putting the phone away. “If you ever pick them, for whatever reason, you just got to give them um a light shake to get the ants out. Like I said, they um like the nectar.”

 “Well, if you don’t have wasps in your um yard now, you probably don’t really have to worry about them. Like, we have this one apple tree in my yard, and the wasps love it- but that’s only when the apples drop on the ground. If they aren’t picked up right away, then you’ll get problems like that…they are attracted to the smell of over ripe fruit.” She didn’t think he’d have any problems with what they were planting, although she was ready to help him if that ever changed, and wasps became a problem. “Those bugs they mostly just look like- I think they kinda look like little black beetles. And as long as your um leaves look okay, I wouldn’t worry.”

She kept poking in the little lettuce seeds between the rows of the bigger plants. “Oh no, and these are great. They are fast- you’ll start seeing them pop up in um a couple pf days. They’ll last a whole warm season, and just pick the leaves on the outside first, because then they might grow a little higher in the center but the outside leaves will be um more mature and ready to eat. And you can pop these tiny seeds into the soil anytime and they’ll come up like crazy and um really flush out the garden.” Emma was really excited, it had been a long time since she had set up a  new garden. This little patch had so much potential.

"Huh…Alright. Feel like ah’ll be taking quite a few pics of my garden and these specific flowers then. It’ll be exciting to see them finally bloom and have ants all over these blooms. They won’t try an’ focus on tha other plants will they? Ah mean, after they have gotten what they have wanted from the flowers, then ya think they’ll leave me garden alone afterwards?"

"Ooo…Okay. Yeah, not many wasps are around this time of year. Gotta remember they like ripe fruit then, for ah dread to think about havin’ a battle with them later on down the road." The ginger hummed thoughtfully as he reminded himself to make sure he called Emma if anything weird or bad happened to his little garden; he was pretty sure she’d be able to solve any problem he would have when she left for the day. "Oh beetle like little fellas? Alright. Ah’ll be sure to check tha leaves every other day then."

A bright smile played on his face as he squatted down to the side of the little garden where the dark haired woman was planting seeds quite quickly to Sheamus, it was like learning a completely new subject in school, except this one was much more helpful and challenging for him. “Ooo..Gotcha on that. So ah’ll have ta pick off tha side leaves when they grow first, and allow tha center of tha plant to grow into a mature plant? Oh boy. Sounds like they’ll be a lot ah can expect to grow from me small garden…Ah might give ya a call when ah return to work though, if ya don’t mind on checking up on this growing garden of mine.” He was actually excited and proud to have finally having something to grow and nurture during his free time, and knew his friend would help guide him the right way of being a great gardener.

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"I’m Kaleb.. or Kal.. it’s great to meet ya too."

"Nice to meet ya Kaleb. And how are ya this fine day?"

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"Well, I’m pretty sure some of them are busy with their own things." She shrugged, "but one of them actually helped me out to explore the world. Ya see his dad’s an inventor and makes hot air balloons and even though I’m not a fan of flying, he still helped out to get me out of our home." Nodding her head at him, "Yep, for a that time period of not having my ‘sight’ I felt useless, even though I could still feel the earth with the rest of my hands. It was kinda like how my parents had treated me for most of my life because of my blindness." She sighed at the mention of her parents, the blind girl really did care about them. She just never really ‘saw’ eye-to-eye with them on her life. "Colby’s a good guy.. he’s kinda become like a big brother to me. But yeah.. the world’s a funny place like that."

"They probably are, since ah know from experience that everyone has somethin’ goin’ on with their life." Sheamus hummed out, nodding in understanding as he smiled a bit at his friend. "Ah’m glad ya have quite a few fiends. They sound like really nice people to hang around with, even if ya aren’t much of a high flyer." He chuckled softly as he tilted his head at her next comment. "Oh wow. That must have been quite an experience for ya, Lil’ Punkers. Yer parents sound like nice folks, just a bit misleaded or just misunderstand where ya stand with your blindness, yeah? But ah think they’d be proud to see how far you’ve gotten to this point in time if they ya know, open their minds a bit more." He could tell how much the young girl cared about her parents, which made him smile down at her. "Well that’s good. Long as he doesn’t mistreat ya he is fine in my book. Yep. and it’ll remain a funny place for as forever ah suppose."

A Vampire’s Kiss || Tristan & Sheamus


Cupid’s bow lips curved in a satisfied grin as he continued to ease the Irishman’s trousers along the length of his trousers, hands breaking contact with the other’s pale flesh just long enough to push them over his ankles and toss them somewhere in the chamber, without even the slightest bit of care in regard to where they landed. Now his lover lay bare, it became increasingly harder for him to tease; his own, massive member straining so desperately at its confines working in tandem with the leg that had only just risen from the bed to hook around his chiseled waist. His body’s pleas had begun to mingle with those of the other’s, ensuring rather painful torment if he were to attempt to teach his lover the ways of patience; to enjoy the deliberate torture he was known to put him through, for it always seemed to make that moment of release feel a million times more incredible than merely jumping into the ‘fire’ as it were. 

"As you wish," he breathed as he reached back to carefully move Sheamus’ leg, guiding it back down to the bed. He wasted little time in moving to straddle his younger lover’s hips, massive hands shooting down to the thin, worn strap of leather than held his own trousers in place around his sculpted waist. It snapped in the same fashion the other’s had, for he hadn’t the patience to unbuckle it before unbuttoning them. They dropped over his hips easily, they had never fit him properly to begin with. Next came his shirt, which he simply ripped apart and pushed what was left over his shoulders, exposing his deeply marred torso to the other. The necessary shifts were made, and within a matter of moments his body was every bit as bare as Sheamus’. 

Once again he found himself stretching out over the Irishman, nestling himself ever so perfectly above him. The contours of their chests fit together in such a heavenly manner a quiet purr of approval rumbled deeply within the back of his throat. His member rested teasingly against his lover’s backside, throbbing against smooth flesh, begging, pleading for entry. “I’ve nothing to make this less uncomfortable for you.” he breathed, amber hues settling on lust darkened crystalline orbs. “I must beg your forgiveness..

The pleasurable heat spreading within him flushed his pale skin, the ginger slowly getting lost in the lust and desire he felt for his older lover, barely noticing how bare he was now as he fought down from whining for his lover to hurry up. But instead he bit back all signs of any rushing or protesting about going slow, for he knew it was well worth the wait for his King to get well and ready for him. His darkening gaze was glued to the older man as he watched his every move like a hawk, licking at his lips in approval as soon as the other showed signs of removing the bothersome articles from his well built body. Sheamus let out a soft sigh of approval as their bare heated flesh finally made contact with each other, savoring the feeling as he felt his breath hitch at the husky apology his lover was giving him.

"No…Don’t be sorry…Ah can handle it. Just…Go slow for the first few thrusts, then go as fast and rough as it gets easier to slide into me, yeah?" He knew the consequences of being fucked dry and rough, the pain he’d surely feel from his lower back would be well worth it to the Irishman afterwards as he writhed a bit and let out the breath he was holding in as he pressed up against his lover with a low moan. "Ah won’t break, ah swear it. Can take anything ya can give me, Tristan." He was close to begging, but decided that encouraging him to do the deed instead was a better action for him right now. As much as he just wanted to be a writhing, moaning mess right now, he felt like he had to assure his older lover that he could handle the pain, for he knew his pleasure filled mind would turn it the pain into something he wanted even more from his King. 'Masochistic side, fella.' The dark being in him chided the ginger, making him growl lowly as he squirmed against Tristan again.

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